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Styled Shoot Contract
Styled Shoot Contract Example Text
Styled Shoot Contract
Styled Shoot Contract Example Text

Styled Shoot Agreement



Styled shoots are a chance for wedding planners, photographers, designers, florists, bakers, and all other wedding pros to come together and show off their skills. But how do you ensure all vendors have the right to use images taken at the shoot? What happens if there is a problem? And how do you keep everyone on the same page?

A styled shoot contract template.

We've used our industry experience to write this Styled Shoot Agreement to anticipate styled shoot issues keep your bases covered. It includes a copyright assignment to photos produced, addresses any $$ spent or earned from the photos, and sets out exactly WHO is responsible for WHAT and WHEN.

 We even cover how credit must be given on social media and when submitting to blogs and other publications-- because the worst feeling in the world is seeing your hard work without your name attached.

 Our Styled Shoot Contract Template is drafted using years of experience in the wedding industry.

These clear rules and expectations are simple yet enforceable, making it easy for you to do what you do best: execute a gorgeous styled shoot!


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Copyright License to Use Photos-The Engaged Legal Collective
Copyright License to Use Photos-The Engaged Legal Collective

Copyright License/ Permission to Use Photos


This is a COPYRIGHT LICENSE AGREEMENT between a photographer and another professional (be they a company outside of the event industry or another Wedding Pro).

This Agreement will give limited rights associated with the photographs.  This will allow someone to use photos that were shot by the photographer in their own marketing, social media, and industry submissions.  This does not give the other professional  exclusivity (which would mean no one else could use the photos) or the right to sell the photos.

Examples of who uses this type of Copyright License:

1) Event Pros who want to use photos from real events;

2) Businesses who don't need a complete transfer (assignment) of a Copyright, but want to be able to use pictures 

3) Photographers who want to let others use certain photos, but don't want to transfer the Copyright.

As Always, this Agreement comes with a step-by-step, numbered guide on how to use it.  We keep it simple!


Are you a Planner who wants to use photos from Client galleries? Check out our more specialized Photographer/ Planner Photo License.

Want a full Copyright Transfer agreement instead of a non-exclusive license? Try our Copyright Transfer Agreement instead.


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What's Next:

Set aside a few hours to really get to know your contract. It will start to feel like your main sidekick!

And now that we've got that under control, you might have some other related questions. Like "What does this indemnification clause mean? " or "Hmm, this talks about an LLC.... should I become an LLC?!"

Don't panic! I've included a bunch of additional resources for you on this page, and I think that they are the perfect stepping stones to get you rocking and rolling!

So peek below for
✨ Articles on legal issues that affect YOU! and
✨ A quick and easy "win" when setting up your contract template signature block in a CRM
✨ Links to some other templates you might need along the way!

caroline headshot


deposit vs retainer
what does indemnification mean
LLC vs. Business License
when mom or dad pays who signs the contract?
how to use contract templates in honeybook

A quick and easy win...

CRMs like Honeybook, Dubsado, and 17Hats are great.
The only bad thing? The signature blocks.

The signature blocks in all three of these CRMs default to a personal signature, and are not set up so it is you signing on behalf of your company.

This is a serious issue when you have a business entity, such as an LLC or Corporation, because it can void out the “limited liability” you get from those entities.

When you sign personally, you sign as YOURSELF, not as the LLC or corporation.

➡ Your block should look like this:


By: _________________
Name: Bella Smith
Title: President

I've made this video to walk you through how to change your default signature in Dubsado.   This is an easy change that makes a huge difference!

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