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Link to Slides (Google Drive)Sample Adjustable Fee ScheduleIndependent Contractors vs. Employees
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More Info on what we discussed

deposit vs retainer
what does indemnification mean
when mom or dad pays who signs the contract?

CRMs like Honeybook, Dubsado, and 17Hats are great.
The only bad thing? The signature blocks.

The signature blocks in all three of these CRMs default to a personal signature, and are not set up so it is you signing on behalf of your company.

This is a serious issue when you have a business entity, such as an LLC or Corporation, because it can void out the “limited liability” you get from those entities.

When you sign personally, you sign as YOURSELF, not as the LLC or corporation.

➡ Your block should look like this:


By: _________________
Name: Dustin Smith
Title: President

I've made this video to walk you through how to change your default signature in Dubsado.   This is an easy change that makes a huge difference, legally!

need help drafting stronger contracts?

We discussed how  contract needs a strong Statement of Work

Even the best contract can be dismantled by poorly describing exactly what you do, and what makes your services unique!

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