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Our most popular contract templates and guides, as picked by Wedding Pros like you!

Hey Wedding Pros. I Get You.

You're so excited about your wedding and event business. The thought of bringing joy to others and doing what you're passionate about just lights you up. And with billions of dollars moving through the event industry every year, there's no better time to become an Event Pro!

But I also know you're smart.

Smart enough to realize that you're running a business, not just acting as an entrepreneurial hobbyist.  Smart enough to want answers to questions like "How do I stay out of legal trouble?" and "What needs to be in my contract?"

And that's where I come in. I've been helping Wedding Pros for years, and I know your pain points. I know just how long it takes for you to figure out that seating chart, or how frustrating it is when people are blocking your shots with iPads. And I've used that industry knowledge and my experience in the legal world to create legal education and templates to protect your business  and your hard earned cash.

So take a breath and know this: I've got you  Let's do this together!


need help drafting stronger contracts?

Every contract needs a strong Statement of Work.  Even the best contract can be dismantled by poorly described exactly what you do, and what makes your services unique! Luckily for you, I've got a FREE DOWNLOAD that will help you write stronger, smarter statements of work.

Because better contracts = more protection = less drama.

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The down and dirty on  business and legal info that applies to the Wedding & Event Industry, without boring your socks off.   
Don't get lost in a Google black hole. We read up on this stuff so you don't have to.

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