Second Shooter Contract
Second Shooter Contract Template
Second Shooter Contract Template

Second Shooter Photographer Contract Template | Weddings and Events

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Need a second shooter? Want to BE a second shooter, but want a good contract to cover you?

I got ya.

A second shooter can be a critical part of your photography business, especially when it comes to events.  This Second Shooter Contract Template frames second shooters as true independent contractors.  We even give you the rundown on independent contractors at the end of the agreement to make sure you understand exactly what you need to do in order to keep second shooters firmly in true independent contractor space and out of employee-land. 

Included, you'll find:

  • Language to clearly define the scope of work for the Second Shooter;
  • Specific "standards" the Second Shooter must meet (dual memory cards, anyone?!);
  • A copyright transfer to make sure you own the images coming out of the shoot (because an independent contractor photographer does NOT MAKE A WORK FOR HIRE under the copyright statute, no matter if it's in a contract!! #hillIwilldieon);
  • Two clear payment arrangements to choose from: a flat fee arrangement, OR a "percent of total contract" arrangement;
  • Specific language to push the Second Shooter into that independent contractor space, as well as lots of "love notes" from me explaining certain clauses;
  • Instructions on when an how the Second Shooter will deliver the photos;
  • A clause saying that the Second Shooter can't solicit clients during the event (because come on, that's tacky);
  • A clause protecting the Photographer's Company's valuable intellectual property;
  • A clause protecting you if the Second Shooter is negligent;
  • All of those boring clauses you don't want to deal with, but that make a BIG difference if things go downhill; AND
  • An contract structure modified for an easy copy + paste into Honeybook or Dubsado (or any other CRM) -  because the last thing you feel like doing is fighting with formatting to figure out the best layout!

PLUS we include our guide to independent contractors, which is part of our general independent contractor agreement.

Protect yourself AND your clients with this Second Shooter Contract Template for Weddings and Events!