Third Party Payer Addendum - for Photographers

Third Party Payer Addendum - for Photographers

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You've got a couple you LOVE as clients and they're signing your contract-- YAAAS!!

But there's one thing.  Their dad/ mom/ Great Aunt Sally is paying.

So.. who is your client? And what rights does the Payer have?

How do you work through THIS brain jam?

This third party payer addendum does just that. It will detail and clarify to both the couple and the payer that:

- The CLIENT is the COUPLE, not you, Dad-- so no, you don't get to request certain shots. 

- If the event is cancelled, that non-refundable retainer clause applies to you too, Mom!

- Sorry, Great Aunt Sally, you don't get a hand-delivered USB drive of the photos or access to the online gallery. That's for the couple!

It also notes (gently) that if Great Aunt Sally doesn't pay on the due date, the couple is still responsible for the payment-- or else you can terminate their contract.

This addendum is all about setting expectations and making sure everyone is on the same page.  Now let's get you paid!

File sent as a word document. Use as-is, with your favorite document signing program, or with your CRM platform.