Wedding Photography Contract-1-The Engaged Legal Collective Wedding Contracts and Templates
Wedding Photography Contract-2-The Engaged Legal Collective Wedding Contracts and Templates

Wedding Photography Contract

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Photographers-- you couldn't think I forgot about YOU!

You are the clicky-click that captures the happiest moments in time, creating storybook images that make the rest of us go all 😍😍😍

And you're not just clicking a button: you're creating art while fighting back mobs of guests, dodging trays of drinks, convincing that one bridesmaid that she looks fine, just get in the photo!, and serving as cruise director for this love boat. 

This fully-editable contract was written after working with LOTS of photogs on the stuff that they struggle with. We're talking new, fresh-faced photogs as well as your international superstar photogs who charge more for a wedding than I make in a month!😱

In this contract, you'll find the following to help protect all that hard work you're putting in:

  • A detailed breakdown of exactly what service you're providing to your client;
  • The choice to keep or assign copyrights in your photos;
  • Language regarding rescheduling, cancellations, and just plain ending the contract;
  • An easy to understand chart regarding when fees are due, how much is due, and what is- or is not- refundable, helping you keep those non-refundable deposits;
  • A clause limiting your liability so a client can't try to sue you for "pain and suffering" over her photos (this comes from a real life example, y'all, I can't make this up); and
  • Those little things, like making sure you have food, getting all of your travel paid for, what happens when Uncle Bill jumps in front of your camera when you're trying to get the shot of "THE KISS" and ruins the photo, ensuring you can leave the event if you're getting harassed, why you aren't responsible for keeping files archived, and lots of other details about shooting a wedding that you only learn after years in the business.

The reaction to this contract is usually, "WOW, you've thought of so many things I never thought of before!"-- which makes my heart so happy.  I've been working with Wedding Pros for years, so I know what's important-- and what's at stake. Grab this contract to keep your photography business protected!

As always, out templates are attorney drafted,, fully editable .docx files that are ready to copy-and-paste into Honeybook, Dubsado, or 17Hats. Always engage an attorney in your state to review any documents you may sign.