Privacy Policy for E-commerce, Courses, or Blogs (Updated for GDPR)
Privacy Policy for E-commerce, Courses, or Blogs (Updated for GDPR)

Privacy Policy for E-commerce, Courses, or Blogs (Updated for GDPR)

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This Privacy Policy is drafted with the GDPR in mind to help you comply with this regulation and others, such as the CalOPPA: California Online Privacy Protection Act.  We've taken a cautionary and conservative approach to help get your privacy protection game up to date and ready for the GDPR to go into full swing. 

Not sure what you need to disclaim? That's ok too.  We've made it easy to fill in the blanks, and provided prompts (in the "How to Use this Template" section) to help jog your memory.

And guess what?  If there are any major updates to Privacy Protection laws and we make adjustments to this policy, you get the updated version for free. Yep, you heard it: FREE LIFETIME UPDATES.

Don't risk it to save a bi$cuit.  Get a strong privacy policy in place today to protect you AND your loyal followers and customers!  Plus it's like.... the law.

Who it's for:

  • Anyone operating an e-commerce store or selling online courses,
  • People who plan on monetizing their blog,
  • Anyone using programs like
  • Anyone using any other sort of affiliate tracking programs to earn some extra cash.

What it says:

  • This privacy policy tells users:
  • What information you collect
  • How you use it
  • What third party programs will get information
  • A nice little reminder that all third parties have their own privacy policies, so users should check those out too
  • How to get in touch with you

How to Use it:

Using this Privacy Policy is simple: simply 1) determine what apps and programs you use, 2) fill in the blanks, and 3) copy and paste into your website. 

 Why isn't this bundled with a Terms of Service?

I truly believe that every website's Terms of Service is unique, and needs to be created individually.  That's because no two websites are alike! That's why I don't want to force you into purchasing an additional Terms of Service to go along with this Privacy Policy.