Wedding Venue Rental Contract

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The venue: something that can make or break a wedding. It's time we start protecting one of the most valuable assets you can own: real property.


This attorney-drafted venue rental contract is the culmination of years of experience working with a multitude of unique venues. From beginning to end, this agreement has been drafted for you. We aren't playing coy here: when there's real estate involved, you've got to make sure you've covered your bases.


This heavy-hitting contract includes the following:

  • Terms that explicitly state what you do- and don't offer to those renting your venue;
  • Clauses addressing termination of the contract for when you need to "fire" a Client (or when things just aren't working out);
  • Clauses specifically disclaiming your liability for event-related incidents, theft, damage, or other issues;
  • A payment schedule that will help you keep those nonrefundable reservation fees/ deposits;
  • Specific dates and times for event setup and close (along with overage fees if the party rages onward);
  • A damage deposit, ensuring your valuable real estate investment is taken care of;
  • And more terms addressing the nitty-gritty small print that no one really wants to worry about.
  • PLUS a step-by-step "How to use this Contract" guide to walk you through each and every editable area.

It's ready to use as a word or PDF document, or easily imported into Honeybook, 17hats, or you favorite contract management software.


This contract represents years of experience working with members of the wedding and event industry. Don't risk everything you've built by using a substandard agreement; this contract has your back!