BUNDLE- Trademark Prep Workbooks: Services & Products-1-The Engaged Legal Collective Wedding Contracts and Templates

BUNDLE- Trademark Prep Workbooks: Services & Products

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Thinking about trademarking your name, a slogan, or your logo?

Not sure what information you need or what you should bring to the meeting with your trademark attorney?

We've got you covered.

These fill-in-the-blank guides will make sure you've collected the details your attorney needs in one convenient place.  Here, you're getting BOTH trademark workbooks:

-one tailored towards Service-Based Businesses, ("services" is the legal term) like wedding planning, photography, makeup/ hair, design, videography, calligraphy, or marketing services, as well as coaching and consulting services; and

-one tailored towards Product-Based Businesses, including courses, Lightroom presets, templates, workflows, shops, etc.

.....which means you'll have BOTH step-by-step information gathering guides to prep those applications.  The information you need is a little bit different, so we're making sure you've got BOTH sets!