BUNDLE: Postponement AND Cancellation Agreement for Wedding & Event Pros
BUNDLE: Postponement AND Cancellation Agreement for Wedding & Event Pros
BUNDLE: Postponement AND Cancellation Agreement for Wedding & Event Pros
BUNDLE: Postponement AND Cancellation Agreement for Wedding & Event Pros
BUNDLE: Postponement AND Cancellation Agreement for Wedding & Event Pros

BUNDLE: Postponement AND Cancellation Agreement for Wedding & Event Pros

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💖 update: On 3/20 at 4:30 PM, we upgraded this to a BUNDLE containing both our Postponement amendment AND a Cancellation & Release agreement. Details about the Cancellation Agreement are BELOW the Postponement information.

If you previously purchased this product, you will be notified by email with the update including the Cancellation & Release agreement.  It will be sent in a .ZIP folder, so you'll need to follow your computer's instructions for "unzipping" the files.

Just one more thing we can do to help <3


OK guys.

It's tough out there right now. Corona has got everyone in the events industry unsteady, unsure, and kind of panicking.

I wanted to figure out a way to help folks move through this process of uncertainty, but also don't want to feel "icky" about selling a product to people making fear-based purchases. But lots of folks have been asking "what do I do?I How can I fix this? How do I regain control?"

So this is what we're going to do. 

This is an EMERGENCY POSTPONEMENT AMENDMENT and a CANCELLATION AGREEMENT BUNDLE .  The cost of these agreements  is going to be temporarily $99, (WHOO!)  but also you will also get a $99 gift card towards any future purchase  in our shop.

If I could send you  🍰 cake instead, I would (but that's not an option right now because #germs). Instead, we're giving you what we think will HELP in many situations, plus that $99 gift card.  ADD IT TO YOUR CART to get the credit and it should automatically come up at $0 for the credit/ gift card!


Postponement Amendment
This is a template that amends your existing contract.  In the Word documents comments, you'll see a step-by-step templated guide to how to fill in the different sections.

We cover:

- That each party is going to use it's best efforts to make this event happen in the future;

- That any rescheduling is subject to your reasonable availability;

- That we might not know ALL the details, but we're using good faith to nail them down;

- That you both want to continue to work together;

- Modifications to the location, guest count, and venue; and

- When and if any additional fees are due.

This was a tough template to make, simply because the template depends on YOUR EXISTING AGREEMENT.  It's foundation is the contract you have in place! We are only as strong as our foundation, and 🎶 "the house won't fall if the bones are good," #amirite? Maren Morris, anyone?

With that being said, if you feel that you have a weak contract, you may be better suited to completely cancel that agreement and start from square one with your clients.  You can purchase a contract from us (with that sweet $99 credit!!)  OR get an attorney in your state to draft something that will be  custom tailored to your business-- it's up to you!


NOTE:  ADD THE $99 GIFT CARD TO YOUR CART AND IT WILL BE FREE. If you can't figure it out, we can issue it after the fact-- just email us at hello@engagedlegal.com.


Hopefully, you can see that-- along with the other myriad of resources we've provided at our blog-- this is our way of working through this bizarre Covid situation. We are here for you and will continue to update our resources!! ❤



 If worst comes to worst and you DO have to make a cancellation, let's make sure we're doing it RIGHT.


The CANCELLATION Agreement includes:

- A mutual release of any further obligations

- THREE options for refunds--
------> You keep the nonrefundable retainer,

------> You keep the nonrefundable retainer, expenses, AND a "pro rata" amount based on the work you've completed , OR

------> You keep a pro rata amount based on the work you've completed.


It's ALSO got a confidentiality, non-disclosure, and non-disparagement clause.  While you can't put this type of clause into your regular service agreement ,(it's  usually not enforceable) you can put it into this type of "settlement and release."




INSTRUCTIONS/ GIFT CARD TERMS: One credit per customer. Credits will available in the form of a gifted discount code emailed to the email address used to purchase.  Gift code will be issued within 24 hours of payment. Gift codes only issued from March 17--April 30 2020.   Expiration date of 12/31/2022. Not redeemable for cash value.  Always have a lawyer in your state review your contracts.