Model Release: For Photos and Video

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Did you know that you need a model release any time you use someone's photo in connection with your brand?

 Yes, that technically means everywhere... even your blog or Instagram! But realistically, think about all of your marketing materials, your portfolio, and your reel. That's a lot of people-- and they all need model releases!

 Luckily, we've made it easy to move forward and get those releases on the fly. Using my time in advertising as reference, I know how fast and furious shoots can be. Pair this one-page model release with your favorite contract-signing-app to get a quick finger-signature on the go, or upload to Honeybook for an easy-send.

NOTE: This is included in both the Photography Agreement and the Videographer Agreement, so you don't need to purchase it if you've already purchased those!

 Keep it simple!