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And if you want more details on the law, you can always visit us at http://www.engagedlegal.com.  While we write towards Wedding and Event pros, most of the information will apply across the board.  After all-- there is no such thing as "Wedding Planner Law (I wish!)!

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You can watch our quick-and-dirty video on GDPR Basics here,
If you want the long read, you can check out our "Big Fat BDPR Breakdown" on the blog.

Uh-Oh, don't have a Privacy Policy & don't know where to get one?

Don't worry-- we got you.  Here's a Privacy Policy all GDPR-ed up and ready to go,.

Privacy Policy for E-commerce, Courses, or Blogs (Updated for GDPR)-The Engaged Legal Collective

Privacy Policy for E-commerce, Courses, or Blogs (Updated for GDPR)

Everybody is freaking out about the GDPR. Will the GDPR affect YOU? Whether you're a photographer, wedding planner, venue, videographer, designer, baker, florist, or blogger-- the answer is probably YES.
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