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The events world is in an unusual time.

Let's just say it:  This a weird, stressful, and anxiety-inducing time for everyone.

In order to keep ALL of our resources in an easily accessible place, we've set up this WEDDING PRO HQ for all of you to get the latest info we can provide.

We want to keep you updated and in control of your wedding & events business and contracts without having to bounce all around our site for the important stuff. 

Here, I'll be posting our latest blog posts, videos, and yes, the postponement + cancellation template you see to the right.  It's a flat $99 and comes with a $99 gift card, so it's basically free. We want to make sure we're helping your stress, not causing more of it!

Got questions? Email us at hello[@]engagedlegal.com and we will do our very best to help.

Instructions: Click the "Get the Download & Gift Card" button to your right.  This will add the contract to your cart.  Then, put the "$99 Gift Card" in your cart.  The gift card will automatically be FREE. You can use it at a later date on any product in the store.  Can't figure it out? Don't worry, we're going through every night and sending out those gift cards that didn't make it into your carts. 💛

BUNDLE: Postponement AND Cancellation Agreement for Wedding & Event Pros

BUNDLE: Postponement AND Cancellation Agreement for Wedding & Event Pros

COVID Liability Waiver

COVID Liability Waiver

Need some more details on the BASICS of Force Majeure?  Start Here >>>

Read up on the important stuff

When starting and running a photography business, there are a lot of moving parts. Let me explain the boring-but-oh-so-critical ones.

Ok, so what is force majeure? And how do I know when we're in a force majeure event?  I threw this (ugly) flowchart together to help you now WHEN your force majeure clauses kick in, and when a client is just cancelling.

We are pushing folks to postpone, but some couples and clients are saying "nope."  Let's talk through the hard stuff on how to handle client cancellations, what needs to be in writing, and how to strategize refunds-- if you actually have to issue them.

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This is our running list of resources applicable to wedding and event professionals.  We are updating this list as we go along, but there's great content from other lawyer friends, numbers people, PR folks, and our other industry friends. 


NEED A BREAK from Corona-Coverage? 
Here are some FREE (or very inexpensive) things you can do FROM HOME that will keep your legal ducks in a row (while balancing kids, pets, and trying to remember to shower every day). Let's CHECK OFF THOSE TO-DO BOXES!! ✅✅✅✅