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Copyright License/ Permission to Use Photos

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This is a COPYRIGHT LICENSE AGREEMENT between a photographer and another professional (be they a company outside of the event industry or another Wedding Pro).

This Agreement will give limited rights associated with the photographs.  This will allow someone to use photos that were shot by the photographer in their own marketing, social media, and industry submissions.  This does not give the other professional  exclusivity (which would mean no one else could use the photos) or the right to sell the photos.

Examples of who uses this type of Copyright License:

1) Event Pros who want to use photos from real events;

2) Businesses who don't need a complete transfer (assignment) of a Copyright, but want to be able to use pictures 

3) Photographers who want to let others use certain photos, but don't want to transfer the Copyright.

As Always, this Agreement comes with a step-by-step, numbered guide on how to use it.  We keep it simple!


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