Makeup Artist Contract Template

Makeup Artist Contract Template

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I thank the heavens for makeup artists!

Seriously, you guys make us look fantastic. Heck, half of the weddings I've been in (10!!) I've been ASLEEP getting my makeup done, woken up, and looked like a million BUCKS.

But there's always a risk in running  a business-- unhappy clients, cancellations, postponements (hey #COVID) and rashes-that-people-blame-on-you-but-are-really-from-that-polyester-dress. And now, in a post-COVID world, we've got to worry MORE about those germies. 

I've worked with wedding pros across the globe, from small, first-time planners to international superstars of the wedding world. And let me tell you: the problems aren't that different!

 For less than the cost of most consultations, this contract includes the following:

  • Specific language to protect you, your contractors, and employees in worst case scenarios;
  • A built-in Model Release for the clients who are signing this agreement;
  • Clauses addressing termination of the contract for when you need to "fire" a Client (or when things just aren't working out);
  • Specific, tangible, and measurable service terms;
  • Clauses specifically disclaiming your liability for rashes, illness, or "just not liking the way I look!"-- oh, as well as COVID-19
  • A specific COVID-19 waiver for the Client to initial
  • A payment schedule that will help you keep those nonrefundable reservation fees/ deposits
  • And more terms addressing the nitty-gritty small print that no one really wants to worry about.
  • ALL FUTURE UPDATES delivered automatically to your inbox!
  • PLUS a step-by-step "How to use this Contract" guide to walk you through each and every editable area.
  • PLUS additional comments on certain clauses to explain why they are important and what they really mean.

 This contract represents years of experience working with members of the wedding and event industry. Don't risk everything you've built by using a substandard agreement; this contract has your back!