Bridal Store Contract
Bridal Store Contract

Bridal Store Contract

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You bridal gown folks make us look GOOOOOD. 

I mean walking into a shop full of gowns is basically the closest we will get to heaven on earth.  It's like being in a giant cloud!

This template helps make sure that things don't take a turn for the h-e-double-hockeysticks.  It includes:

  • A breakdown of exactly what service and product you're providing to your client;
  • Clauses highlighting the service aspect of a bridal boutique to separate it from straight retail;
  • A model release so you can use images of your clients on social and in marketing;
  • An easy to understand fee breakdown of what fees are due, how much is due, and what is- or is not- refundable
  • Clauses about delays, issues, and cancellations
  • Clauses to bolster your odds against chargebacks
  • Your not-so-standard boilerplate language, aka the super important but ultra dry "small print" that only legal folks read :)
  • NOTE: This template addresses "GOWNS," but can be edited to work with bridesmaids dresses, tuxes, saris, etc.  Simply "Control F" and bulk "Replace" the word "Gown"  with your type of custom orders! 

REMINDER: While drafted to be conservative, Retail specifically is a very state-specific type of law.  You need to get ANY contracts reviewed by a local lawyer who can advise on state laws for unclaimed merchandise, layaway, and any other state-by-state quirks.

As always, out templates are attorney drafted,, fully editable .docx files that are ready to copy-and-paste into a CRM like Honeybook of BridalLive. Always engage an attorney in your state to review any documents you may sign.