Wedding Videography Contract-The Engaged Legal Collective
Wedding Videography Contract-The Engaged Legal Collective

Wedding Videography Contract

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If there's one area of Wedding and Event pros that get the most pushback, it's my Videographers.  We've drafted this Wedding Videography Services Agreement to be a hot-tamale of a doozy, locking in nonrefundable retainers, breaking down payments in a way that ensures you keep as much as possible if a client cancels or disputes, and doing the "heavy lifting" in intellectual property clauses.

From beginning to end, this agreement has been drafted with you, the wedding videographer, in mind. And in an industry worth $300 billion, you've got to make sure you've covered your bases.

This Wedding Videographer Agreement includes the following:

  • A built-in Model Release for the clients who are signing this agreement;
  • Clauses addressing cancellation of the contract for when you need to "fire" a Client (or when things just aren't working out);
  • A separate "travel fee" portion with contact advice to keep you safe for when you take your show on the road, ensuring you don't get stuck in a grimy hotel or have to pay for an emergency plane ticket;
  • Special attention to allow you to bounce if sexual harassment occurs at the event;
  • A swappable copyright section, allowing for either 1) you keep the copyright in the film and the client gets a license, or 2) you transfer the copyright to the client and you get a portfolio license for use in your marketing materials (complete with a model release!);
  • Fill-in-the-blank "Scope of Work" service terms, drafted through the lens of years of experience in the Wedding industry (but still easily modified to fit your needs!);
  • Specific, tangible, and measurable service terms (no more back and forth 1000 times on video editing for picky couples!);
  • A reminder that no, the Client is NOT getting raw footage, no matter what;
  • Clauses specifically disclaiming your liability for event-related incidents, theft, damage, or other issues;
  • A payment schedule that will help you keep those nonrefundable reservation fees/ deposits;
  • Simple language that's strong enough to show you're not messing around;
  • And more terms addressing the nitty-gritty small print that no one really wants to worry about.
  • PLUS a step-by-step "How to use this Contract" guide to walk you through each and every editable area. This contract is more intense than others, so we made sure you know what you're doing!
  • PLUS additional comments on certain clauses to explain why they are important and what they really mean.

 This contract represents years of experience working with top members of the wedding and event industry. Don't risk everything you've built by using a substandard agreement; this contract has your back!

NOTE: If you are a video production company working with commercial video, this isn't the best match for a service agreement to fit your needs. This is for wedding videography.
Remember, the Engaged Legal Collective does not provide legal advice.  All contract templates and other information is for educational purposes only.