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Copyright Transfer Agreement for Creatives

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This is a COPYRIGHT TRANSFER AGREEMENT (also called an "Assignment") for the total and complete transfer of a "Work"-- meaning something a photographer, designer, copywriter, artist, INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR, or other creator has produced.

This Agreement will give ALL RIGHTS associated with the Work from the creator and to the client/ company.

This Agreement DOES allow the creator to use the Work in their portfolio!

Examples of who uses this type of Copyright Transfer Agreement:

1)  Designers who are making a logo, website, marketing materials, etc. to transfer all rights to their Clients;
2)  Clients of photographers and videographers who want full rights to their photos (usually commercial clients);
3)  Clients of copywriters and/ or marketers
4)  Videography Clients;
5)  anyone who has hired an Independent Contractor, because independent contractors do not produce Works Made for Hire unless it's a certain type of work (this is a concept that even seasoned attorneys can mess up!).

As Always, this Agreement comes with a step-by-step, numbered guide on how to use it.  We keep it simple!

Don't want to transfer all rights to a Photograph, but simply want to be able to use it?  Check out our Copyright License Agreement, or the more specialized Photographer/ Planner License.